Zachary Carlson


I'm Zachary Carlson, and I am a front-end developer, UX/UI designer, and technical communicator. I bring a human-centered design approach to all my work by first learning about the user, iterating on possible solutions, and then evaluating my success.

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Recent Projects

A Portfolio Website


I built Dr. Clay Carlson's personal website using Gatsby and the headless CMS This was a transition for Dr. Carlson away from a Weebly site. By using a CMS, Dr. Carlson can focus on updating content when he starts a new course or publishes a new paper without having to worry about the overall look of the site.

Docs Site Template


After bumping into some of the limitations of the software I was using (e.g., Flare and FrameMaker), I decided to see what it would take to build docs with tools I love, like Gatsby, React, and markdown. This example documentation site was meant to be an experiment and a starting point for a real docs project.



I built this simple web version of the game Memory as a way to learn about using LocalStorage and SessionStorage. This framework-free implementation of the game uses randomly selected images from Unsplash and is different every time you play.



This version of hangman was built as a personal project when I was first learning to use React. The words come from the Owlbot dictionary api.

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